The Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner’s Kit Review

Honeybees are generally territorial creatures that thrive in groups. A bee colony can be compared to a community of mutually reliant species (each of which affects the other’s existence). The beehive is the bees’ habitat, and it will house a bee colony of at least 80,000 individuals during the peak season. Because of seasonal variations, the population within a bee colony is never steady. A decent hive will provide the bees with a suitable environment. The Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner’s Kit is a weather-resistant beehive.

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What is a beehive?

It is the home of a honey bee colony. The bees may live in a man-made wooden box or an empty hollow log. The ability of bees to find new locations for their colonies is quite amazing. If conditions change or the colony outgrows its existing home, it will look for a new hive to call home.

What constitutes an excellent bee habitat?

Man has figured out how to keep them in man-made structures like the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive. The hive allows the beekeeper to house many more bees in a single, easily accessible and manageable location. It is crucial to emphasize that in the wild, bees build their own nests without relying on people. Bees are incredibly sensitive, thus they must keep their home in accordance with their needs. A suitable housing for your bees should meet the following criteria:

  • Safe shelter

The ideal hive should provide shelter and safety above the ground. Bees are concerned about their own safety. That is why you will never come across a wild bee colony on the ground. The majority of them seek refuge and safety above the surface. This could be a hollow tree or a gap in a mountain. Predators and honeybee pests should not have easy access to it.

  • Conditions of ventilation and dryness

You should choose a hive that has sufficient air flow and stays dry throughout the year. Hives with screened inner covers, screened bottom boards, and elevated hive stands are ideal. Because bees prefer well-ventilated, dry environments.

  • Expansion

Bees live in colonies, and the larger the population, the better their chances of survival. Higher pollinators equals more honey production. As a result, your ideal hive should have enough space to handle the expanding bee population. Choose a hive that can be extended as needed.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner’s Kit

Brushy Mountain’s hive kit has some incredible features. It is ideal for any beginner who requires an easy-to-manage hive. It is also useful for the professional beekeeper who needs an extra hive to expand his business. Brushy Mountain’s hive is simple to construct, has enough inside room for a large bee colony, and is well-designed to act as a buffer against extreme weather conditions. The kit includes extra beekeeping gear such as cowhide gloves and a hatless veil. Among the prominent aspects of this unit are the following:

  • It has a cover on the inside.
  • The box has an entrance reducer.
  • There are two medium cypress supers. It includes 16 constructed black super frames: wooden frame supers with plastic foundations.
  • The device is available in small, medium, and large size options.
  • A cypress entrance feeder and a plastic Quart Jar are available.
  • The telescoping cover protects the bees from direct sunlight and rain. This is supplemented by an inside cover that keeps the interior in pristine shape.
  • Package comes with a Brushy Mountain Smoker with fuel included.
  • When you purchase this beekeeping kit, you will also receive a Standard 10 inch hive tool.
  • The unit comes with a beekeeping brush as well. You will use this to brush off bees during harvesting, making splits, or when rearing the queen.
  • The bundle also includes a beginner’s DVD, a hatless veil, and a book titled Backyard Beekeeper, as well as cowhide gloves. What a simple way to get started with beekeeping.

The Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner's Kit Review

Pros and Cons


  • The unit has an outstanding design that provides the bees with an ideal home: an inner cover, an entry reducer, and a roomy interior.
  • It is functional and suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • The 16 super frames arrive fully constructed, are made of wood, and have a plastic basis.
  • There are three sizes of beehive kits to pick from: small, medium, and giant.
  • There is no need to paint the hive box; it looks fine as is.
  • The set includes learning resources such as a beginner’s DVD and a book.
  • It is simple to work with, especially for individuals who have back problems. Brushy Mountain’s equipment is all standard size and simple to use.
  • Telescopic cover gives the required shelter. Other gifts include a hatless veil, cowhide gloves, and a hive tool.
  • It is affordable.


  • There are no flaws to be found.


The Brushy Mountain Bee Farm English Garden Hive Beginner’s Kit is not only robust but also long-lasting. All inner components are of high quality and will survive for a long time. A telescoping cover on the outside provides protection from weather elements such as rain and sunlight. You will also acquire some useful information from the book and DVD that come with the unit.

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