Best Honey Extractors: Review 2023 (Top 05 Choice)

The best honey extractors are the icing on the cake for any beekeeper. 

This simple mechanical device can drastically improve the honey distracting process. The last drop of honey will be wrenched out of the honeycomb without any damage to the hives.

However, choosing the best one to fully meet your demand in terms of purposes, quality, durability, and efficiency is not plain sailing at all. Knowing that we offer you this post to give you some best recommendations. Now let’s dive right into it with!

A Buying Guide On How To Find The Best Honey Extractors

Before purchasing anything, one needs some basic understanding of the product first, and buying honey extractors is no exception. This part includes everything you need to know about this device and some criteria when choosing one.

What Is A Honey Extractor And Is It Necessary?

A honey extractor is a mechanical device specifically designed to extract honey from the comb. 

It takes a lot of time to extract all the honey from the combs using merely your hands, and you will likely damage the hives in the process. Also, if you are dealing with multiple hives at the same time, how long will it take you to finish all of the work?

With the help of a honey extractor, you can instantly avoid all the problems above. The crank system will extract all the honey to the last drop without ruining the hives. The whole extracting process will only take a few minutes, so you can save yourself a bunch of time. 

The unit’s mechanism can remove the honey because of the centrifugal force created when an object is spinning in a circle. 

To activate the device, first, you place the frame inside. Next,  start spinning the handle. The extracted honey will stay at the bottom of the barrels. Once the barrel is filled, you can transfer the honey to a container through a honey gate near the barrel’s bottom.

What To Consider Before Buying A Honey Extractor?

Type Of Extractors

Understanding the two available types of honey extractors is the first thing you need to do. They can be easily differentiated since their features are relatively distinctive. So even beginners can follow this guide without any problems. 

Tangential Extractors

A tangential extractor only allows you to spin one side of the frame at a time. In another word, you have to collectively work on each side of the frame to fully extract all the honey from the comb. 

It takes twice as much effort to collect the honey compared to a radial extractor.

Pros Cons
  • More affordable.
  • Does less damage on the hives.
  • Extracts more thoroughly on each side.
  • Takes more time to flip the frames.
  • Not suitable for large-scale business.

Radial Extractors

On the other hand, with a radial extractor, both sides of the frame are working at the same time. The frame’s top bar faces outward instead of inward as with tangential baskets.

Pros Cons
  • High efficiency.
  • Saves more time and effort.
  • Ideal for commercial purpose.
  • High-priced.

The Power Source

A honey extractor’s power source can either be manual or electric. We will go over each type’s characteristics to give you a better overview.

  • Manual Extractors

As the name suggests, manual extractors require human labor for activation. You have to spin the handle to operate the cranking system. You can use them conveniently anywhere you want. 

However, it requires more time and effort on your part while not being as efficient as a motorized device.

  • Electric Extractors

Every electric extractor features a powered motor, which is responsible for spinning the frames. 

You can adjust the spinning speed by using the knob often placed at the barrel’s top. Since they can extract a huge amount of honey in a short time, they are the perfect choice for professional beekeepers.

However, they are dependent on an electricity source for operation. Also, the high speed of electric extractors can easily damage the hives.

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In-depth Review Of The Five Best Honey Extractors

In this section, we will go through each product with a fine-tooth comb. Also, at the end of each review, we will summarize their pros and cons to give you the best idea about each extractor.

VIVO BEE-V002 Manual Honey ExtractorBest For Beginners


Suppose you’ve just got into the beekeeping business without any prior experience with this device. In that case, this BEE-V002 honey extractor is the closest thing to perfection that you can possibly think of. 

The first feature that efficiently supports new users is its solid construction. It has broad dimensions of 24 feet x 15 feet in diameter. Thus, the device can extract honey from the comb fully, helping to prevent wastage and spillage of honey. 

Also, the product is considerably heavier than other products on this list. It helps to stabilize the device even when you repeatedly perform strong spinning movements. 

There’s no need to hold the edges to make sure it remains in the same place. You can engage better in the main extracting task. 

This pick comes at such a budget-friendly price, which is relatively surprising for its quality and brand heritage. So any starter who hasn’t been ready to invest in anything too high-end and pricey yet, this one is the way to go.

On the downside, the product can only spin on one side of the frame at a time. For that reason, you will have to take time to switch the frame upside-down and back again repeatedly to use both sides.

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for complete starters.
  • Solid, durable construction.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Have good stability.
  • Can spin only one side at a time.

Honey Keeper Pro 2 Honey ExtractorBest Budget


The brand Honey Keeper must be on familiar terms for any professional beekeeper out there. Their products are well-loved for their quality and affordability, and this stainless steel model is no exception.

After many evaluations in terms of the item’s performance and price, we are confident that this nominee is, hands down, the best value for money. 

When it comes to extracting capacity, its manageable amount is no less than any other high-end ones.  

To be more specific, it can deal with up to two standard frames from deep, medium to shallow. The bottom also features a shallow place with supporting legs so that you can easily fit a 5-gallon bucket in it. 

Additionally, the handle spin is solidly constructed. The main material is stainless steel with a rubber patch at the end to reduce the hand’s friction when spinning. What’s more, the crank mechanism is relatively smooth, helping the honey to come out evenly and fully.

The only negative thing about this unit is related to its material. Even though the brand claims that this unit is stainless steel, some parts such as the containing tank and honey gate are made from metal and plastic. It can affect the product’s durability in long-term use.

Pros Cons
  • Best for value.
  • Large capacity.
  • Efficient and easy-to-use handle spin.
  • Smooth crank mechanism.
  • The material is not fully stainless steel.

GoPlus Manual 2 Honey Extractor Best Manual Extractor


For someone who doesn’t know, a manual extractor’ depends completely on the user’s control. It can only operate when there is a direct human force impacting the crank handle. 

Hence, the crank handle’s construction plays an essential part when it comes to evaluating a manual unit’s quality. 

With the most well-designed and efficient crank handle mechanism, it might come as no surprise when we labeled this model from GoPlus as the best manual extractor. 

Specifically, the unit features a rotating handle. This ergonomic design offers extra comfort for the beekeepers even in long working sessions. The spring clutch inside the handle helps smooth out the cranking movement and will instantly stop once you release it. 

Another feature that greatly impresses us is its generous capacity. The drum size has a height of 30 feet and a diameter of 15 feet. With such impressive dimensions, it can handle up to two frames of any width, from shallow, medium, to deep at once. 

Extracting honey using manual labor often causes blowouts. It is a phenomenon where the hives are broken due to the excessive amount of honey. The unit tangential extracting system, where only one side of the frame operates at a time, will significantly improve the problem. 

However, the device has no bottom leg to hold an extra bucket. Therefore, you need to position it on a countertop so the extracted honey can flow into a bucket.

Pros Cons
  • Well-designed crank handle.
  • Can contain large amount of honey.
  • Prevent comb blowouts.
  • Work with two frames at the same time.
  • No bottom legs.

VIVO BEE-V004E Electric Honey ExtractorBest For Commercial Use


It might come as no surprise to you that this is the second product from VIVO that made it to  our list. With the top-notched design and premium material, you can’t go wrong with this BEE-V004E if a large-scale commercial extractor is what you need.

Construction-wise, you can see that it is specifically designed for any professional beekeepers handling multiple combs at the same time.

The product features a powerful motor of 120V-AC, making the extracting process effortless while making sure you get the most honey out of the hive. It can work for several hours straight without slowing down, thus maximizing productivity. 

Besides, the capacity of the drum is quite impressive, which is 24 feet tall and 19 feet in diameter. It also has a four-frame cranking mechanism instead of a standard two-frame and operates on both sides simultaneously. 

This design allows you to extract honey from multiple hives at the same time, optimizing the process while saving you lots of time.  

The only thing to complain about this product is its steep price. Since it is a motorized and well-manufactured product from a trusted brand, it is an inevitable thing. For that reason, budget-conscious people should think twice before investing in this product.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful motor.
  • Suitable for long-hour work shift.
  • Generous capacity.
  • Perfect for large-scale business.
  • On the expensive side.

BestEquip 3-Frame Electric Honey ExtractorBest For Comfort


To stand out from the crowd, brands need to do more than just work on their product’s performance. Focusing on the users’ comfort is BestEquip’s strategy to win their customers’ hearts.

Since the device uses an automatic operating motor, it is impossible to modify the cranking speed as you can easily do with a manual one. 

To fix this inconvenience, the brand offers a wide range of speed options for you to pick from. You can settle for any extracting speed you want by turning the knob at the top of the drum.

When transferring from the barrel to the container, a good amount of honey is often stuck at the bottom. The honey gate is positioned at the perfect place, which is 0,5 feet above the barrel’s bottom to avoid this problem. 

It helps all the honey to flow smoothly into the container without you tipping the drum forward.

On top of that, the unit comes with a clear Plexiglas lid. You can easily supervise the extraction process while the motor is spinning. As a result, you can step in when accidents  like clogged gates or hive blowouts happen.

The only drawback of this product is its lack of assembling instructions. Some customers have had some problems trying to put the unit together. 

Therefore, if you are new to honey extracting devices, it would be best to do some research beforehand or ask for help from professionals.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Have a speed setting.
  • Easy to transfer honey to containers.
  • Clear, see-through lid.
  • No assembling instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer some common questions from the users. If you still have some questions about choosing and using this product, have a look at this part might do you some good. 

How Do I Pick The Best Honey Extractor?

To pick the model that suits you the most, it is essential to know your needs and what you are specifically looking for in a product. 

For instance, if you are doing large-scale business, opt for a radial, electric extractor. On the other hand, if you only extract honey for personal consumption and want an affordable option, a manual device might do you good.

How Do You Stabilize A Honey Extractor?

To stabilize a honey extractor on a flat surface, such as a table or a countertop, you can use some wingnuts to tighten the bottom to the surface. They are easy to remove and quick to install back.

Another option is using some weights. You can place them underneath the device, so they can stay securely in place.

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How Long Does It Take To Extract Honey From A Hive?

The average time to completely extract honey from a hive ranges from five to ten minutes. Specifically, the required time depends largely on the extractor type you are using. 

For example, using an automatic device with two sides simultaneously working will only take you two to four minutes. 

On the other hand, if the honey is hand-cranked, or it is a tangential product, you will have to wait longer until the extraction finishes.

How Do You Clean The Device After Use?

For quick cleanup, simply use a towel that has been soaked in warm water and carefully wipe the dirty parts.  If you want to do some deep cleaning, just remove all the parts, clean them individually and reassemble them after finishing.

Remember to use warm water since honey bee wasps can be extremely sticky and hard to wipe. High temperatures can help to soften the beeswax.

The Bottom Line

You have finally reached the end of our post about the Best Honey Extractors. We hope it has been a useful read and shed some light on the topic for any starter out there.

To make the smartest decision, we highly advise you to look further into each product and read about its specifications to determine which one suits you the best. 

In case you are still confused, we have some suggestions for you! 

If you want to invest in a high-end product for your business, check out the VIVO BEE-V004E Electric Honey Extractor. With a strong automatic motor and two-frame shaft, they are the most competent device to work on multiple hives at the same time.

On the other hand, if you’ve just got into beekeeping and want something more affordable, then give the VIVO BEE-V002 Manual Honey Extractor a try. Its beginner-friendly features will please you greatly.

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