Do Dragonflies Eat Bees? What Should We Do?

Dragonflies are considered a good luck or prosperity symbol in several cultures. When they encounter a dragonfly, many people make a wish in the hope that it will come true. They are a blessing to humans since they help manage mosquito populations by preying on them when they are in large numbers. On the other hand, do dragonflies eat bee?

1. What are Dragonflies?

Dragonflies are famous for their bright colors and big compound eyes. They have huge flat wings that enable them to fly so quickly. There are various types of dragonflies, each with its own adaptations based on its environment. There are about 5,000 species in the world.

The dragonfly is divided into three parts: the head, the abdomen, and the thorax. It possesses an exoskeleton. The head is the shortest component of its body, measuring 1 to 4 inches in length. Its eyes encompass the majority of its head, allowing it to see 360 degrees around them. Dragonflies contain color-proteins that allow them to see more colors than the human eye. It features two pairs of flat wings around 6 inches long and three pairs of segmented legs on the thorax.

Fighter jets are the name given to dragonflies. They are quite fast. They can catch a flying insect in the blink of an eye. Dragonflies, unlike certain other insects, do not have stingers, but they do have mandibles. A mandible is a pair of jaws used by insects to cut or hold food. They normally do not have injuries, but if you irritate them, they may bite you. This would break your skin, depending on the dragonfly.

Do Dragonflies Eat Bees

2. What do dragonflies eat?

Dragonflies are carnivorous insects. Butterflies, moths, midges, beetles, mosquitoes, bees, flies, bugs, spiders, and caterpillars are all prey for dragonflies. They also consume the larvae of other creatures, such as tadpoles, fish, mosquitoes, and occasionally other small dragonflies.

While flying, dragonflies seize their prey. They grab their prey with their long segmented legs. When they catch larger insects, they attack their prey’s head and drag it back to its perch. They can detect even the smallest movement since they have excellent eyesight. They also have excellent underwater vision. Their nymphs are hunters as well.

3. Do dragonflies eat honey bees?

Dragonflies feed on honey bees and other insects. Remember that dragonflies are carnivores with no preference for what they can consume. They will hunt down and devour any potential meal, including bees. Because of their robust jaws and sharp teeth, they have an advantage over bees. During their every day foraging activity, dragonflies can ambush bees.

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4. How to handle dragonflies?

It is difficult to eliminate dragonflies without applying pesticides or killing them. Fortunately, there are some methods for controlling dragonflies. When dealing with dragonflies, beekeepers might employ a variety of tactics. You can also test them in your neighborhood, yard, or near your ponds. These are some examples:

  • If you want to get rid of dragonflies, you must first understand what attracts them so that you can do the opposite. You should make your surroundings or yard less inviting. Remove stagnant water and clean all the water in birdbaths, fountains, and pet dishes on a regular basis. Also, dump any rainfall and ensure that the area around the pool is clean and dry.
  • High temperatures can kill dragonflies and their nymphs. For a few days, the temperature must remain consistent at around 83 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Other predators that eat dragonflies, such as frogs and various types of fish, can also be used. They eat these insects, so we can keep them in our ponds. You can also attract birds to your yard, as they eat dragonflies.
  • Flat rocks attract dragonflies because they are used for sunbathing. So make sure to get rid of these as well.
  • You could install a pump or filtration system in your pool. This will catch any larvae that are in your drains.
  • Protect your pond. It will be pricey, but it will work perfectly because dragonflies require heat to bread. This coating will prevent them from mating, eating, or fleeing from predators.
  • If there is a pond in your neighborhood that cannot be eliminated, strive to keep it clean. Make it a habit to clean or filter it every day. Dragonfly nymphs have been seen in underwater greenery, according to studies. This will reduce the number and population of dragonflies.


Dragonflies do, in fact, consume honey bees. Normally, they don’t offer much of a threat, but in big numbers, they do. Dragonflies can be found in large numbers in some regions and are difficult to eradicate. If you have exhausted all of your alternatives for reducing their population, you should contact a professional exterminator in your area. Because dragonflies only appear during the summer, this will be a low-cost option.

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