How To Get Rid Of Miner Bees? – Safe & Easy Bee Removal

While bees in general are unpleasant to deal with, ground bees are exceptionally difficult to deal with, especially if there is an entire colony. The miner bee, or Andrenidae, does not build a hive. Ground nesting bees are a type of bee that build underground pathways with the entrance disguised by patches of exposed earth. Consider that there are ground bee species that might cause harm to your property and possibly injure you or your family members. Fortunately, these issues can be avoided. So, how to get rid of miner bees?

What are ground bees (Miner Bees)?

Mine bees and digger bees burrow into the ground to make nests. Ground bees, unlike honey bees, are solitary and do not reside in colonies. The bumblebee, on the other hand, is one of the few kinds of ground bees that live in colonies. They frequently nest in enormous holes that have already been dug by a small animal.

Female ground bees descend underground to lay their eggs in underground tunnels. A ground bee nest is easily identified. It is a little mound of earth with a gaping hole in the middle. This is where female tubes enter to lay eggs. These eggs hatch underground and spend the winter there. They emerge again in the summer, and the females begin constructing tunnels to lay eggs.

How To Get Rid Of Miner Bees

What do ground bees look like?

Ground bees come in a variety of sizes and colors. The largest species is around the size of a honey bee. The huge variety has fur that is deeper than a honey bee. Ground bees that are shiny green or have brilliant stripes may also be seen. Understand that the term “ground bee” does not refer to a single kind of bee. Any bee that burrows underground can be classified as a ground bee.

Why to get rid of ground bees?

Fortunately, bees are not as venomous as wasps or hornets. Furthermore, males do not usually have stingers, therefore they are not dangerous to your health. At the same time, if provoked, they may injure a human or an animal. If you are stung by a ground bee, you may experience severe allergic reactions and even rashes. In this situation, you should contact a doctor right away and remove the stinger with tweezers or your fingernails. It is also advised not to walk barefoot outside or contact live bees to avoid such an unpleasant occurrence.

Although ground bees are not particularly dangerous, many people prefer to get rid of them. And it might be a good idea, especially if you have children who enjoy playing in the yard and don’t want them stung by a vexing bee. Also, keep in mind that their nests can wreak havoc on your yard.

How to get rid of ground bees?

There are ten excellent solutions to this problem. You can also attempt some ways described below to achieve the results you want as soon as feasible. Also, remember to put on gloves and cover your body before attempting some of these tactics, as bees will become violent if you destroy their nests.

  • Cover the holes

If you do not want to kill bees or use pesticides, this method is perfect for you. Locate their holes and fill them with earth or bricks. You will notice that the ground bees have left your yard after a few days.

  • Use minty mixture

This is a fantastic ground bee killer that anyone can make. 2 cups of peppermint castile soap and water are required. Combine the contents in a spray container and shake well. The amazing thing about it is that it can destroy not just bees but also other dangerous and deadly insects. To destroy the pests, spray this combination around the holes and fill them with hot water.

  • Water your lawn

There is no need to use water to kill ground bees. As previously stated, the bees established their beehives in dry soil. You can take advantage of this fact by beginning to irrigate your lawn to keep it moist. Do it on a regular basis to ensure that these little insects no longer bother you.

  • Use cinnamon

Cinnamon is repulsive to bees. To get rid of them, put cinnamon powder near the holes to keep them out of your yard. Moreover, cinnamon stick is also very useful to do this job. Alternatively, you may scatter mothballs or even chloroform near the ground bees’ preferred habitat. Consider that this is one of the most effective, inexpensive, and simple ways to defend your grass against these pests.

  • Install zappers for burrowing bees

If you have concluded that you require comprehensive ground bee extermination, this is the only way to go. Zappers immediately attract and kill any bug that comes into touch with them. They will also assist you in getting rid of other bothersome insects, such as flies and wasps.

  • Prepare soda bottle trap

You only need an empty Coke bottle and some juice to build this trap. First and foremost, cut the bottle in half. Fill the bottom section with juice or sugary soda. Simply place the trap near the bees’ holes and wait a few days. It will attract vermin, who will drown in it.

  • Use vinegar spray

The mixture consists of vinegar and water mixed in equal parts. Shake it up and pour it into a spray bottle. During the night, sprinkle the mixture near each beehive on the ground. Furthermore, if you want to get better results, you can spray it on bee-infested plants and flowers.

How To Get Rid Of Miner Bees

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  • Purchase ground bee insecticide

If you wish to apply an insecticide, this is a wonderful alternative. Organic items, on the other hand, are preferable. They are less dangerous and have fewer adverse effects. For example, you could use Drione Insecticide Dust, a dependable ground bee insecticide with a lot of favorable feedback. It contains a low percentage of chemical inputs and will not harm your lawn. Furthermore, this is the most effective approach to killing ground bees in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of difficulty.

  • Plant new herbs

Many plants and herbs can help to keep bees at bay. To ensure total lawn or garden protection, plant eucalyptus or peppermints. It will also be a good idea to cover your yard with thick green grass, which will make beehive burrowing more difficult. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance the garden’s blossoming appearance.

  • Make special bee spray

You can prepare DIY spray using improvised resources. Simply combine canella oil, mint oil, tea essential oil, and baby shampoo. Combine all of the ingredients and sprinkle the mixture over the desired area. After a few days, you will notice that the bugs have fled your yard.

Remember that you should not begin removing ground bees unless you have covered your respiratory apparatus with mixes, pesticides, and insecticides. It is also not a good idea to spray them when it is windy. Furthermore, you should never pour genetic chemicals directly into the bees’ nests. It will poison the ground and destroy all adjacent plants and animals. Furthermore, it might start a fire and create major health complications.

How to prevent ground bees?

Although you now know how to destroy ground bees, there is no doubt that it is preferable to simply avoid them. You may protect your region against these insects by using repellents. You can learn more about the greatest repellents by reading the list below.

  • Burt’s Bees for complete ground bees removal

This is an environmentally friendly bee repellent that is also safe for your health. It will keep you safe not only from bees, but also from other bugs like mosquitoes. Simply spray it near your home, and these pests will never bother you again. Furthermore, you can apply this amazing mixture to your skin to avoid uncomfortable stings while enjoying outdoor activities.

  • Herbal Armor – Best ground bees treatment

If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive bee repellent, this is the one to go with. Only high-quality products are selected for production and use, ensuring a high level of protection. His repellent is completely safe for your relatives and will not harm their health or clothing.

How To Get Rid Of Miner Bees

  • Getting rid of ground bees with Repellent

Up to 6 hours protection will allow you to go wherever you want without the risk of being stung. It will also refresh your skin and create a barrier to protect you from hazardous insects. You can also spray this repellent around the beehives to keep unwanted visitors away.


As you can see, there are numerous methods for helping you forget about an issue like burrowing bees. You can use a variety of approaches to assure perfect success. When using chemicals, keep safety standards in mind at all times. Although you now know how to get rid of ground bees organically, you may also hire professionals to help you with this chore. Their services, however, may be pricey.

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